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In May 2005 the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) launched its on-line resource “Our Homes Are Bleeding Digital Collection”. At the very core of this project is the knowledge that Indigenous people maintain a connection to the land, as it is inherent to culture, identity, history and spirituality. The bulk of the primary materials dates from the McKenna McBride Royal Commission (1913 - 1916), and includes a compilation of written historical testimonies, newspaper articles, photographs, and maps. Supplementary photographs, audio and video clips were added to illustrate connections between historic and contemporary assertions of Aboriginal title and rights.  One of the goals of creating the website was to have the information accessible to teachers and students from many different communities to investigate, teach, and learn about Aboriginal rights and title from a First Nations perspective. The lesson materials provide teachers and students information needed to critically examine historical political and social developments by investigating the on-line sources.

As the primary documents and website are focused primarily on issues in British Columbia, the lesson plans also focus on British Columbia, however, we hope that there are also links that can be made to other provincial curriculum. The specific curriculum matches are provided in the PDF document Curriculum Links here.

Continuity and Change Lesson Plan and Materials are available both in online (html) and printable (PDF) formats:

Lesson Plan: 1 2 3  | or |  PDF


  • Background for Teachers on the Our Homes Are Bleeding website: PDF
  • Worksheets for students: PDF
  • Key Terms: PDF
  • Aboriginal Rights and Title Timeline: PDF
  • Reserve History: Powerpoint
  • Script for Reserve History: PDF
  • Primary Sources for Students: PDF
  • Student Final Writing and Questionnaire (questionnaire needed only for research) PDF
  • Script for Overheads and Powerpoint: DOC

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