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When the Royal Commission began its work, many areas of the province had not been surveyed, or had been surveyed improperly.  Ashdowne Green was hired as the head surveyor and the maps that he created for the McKenna McBride Commission are important records of BC topographical and social history.  Green's maps show the borders of the reserves, proposed sites for cut-off lands, Agency boundaries, topography, pre-emption lots, transportation corridors, and other features.

Also included in this gallery are the maps published in the Royal Commission's Final Report and maps that were submitted by Indian Agents and other government officials as evidence during the hearings.  More information about these maps can be found in RG -10 reels. 




BC has a very diverse landscape.  The Royal Commission was unprepared for the scope of the work ahead of them, in part because of the size of the province and the physical challenges of traveling the province in 1916.  They visited many First Nations communities, travelling by ship, horseback and automobile.  The photographs in this gallery reflect some of these landscapes and portray some aspects of the complex history of the cut-off lands. 

Images are organized by agency.  The photos of unknown location are in the general section.

Copyright information for the photos: 

Images from the British Columbia Provincial Archives are in the public domain and have been posted with the permission of the Archives.

Photos from the UBCIC archives are from the UBCIC Communications Department records. You are free to use and reproduce UBCIC photographs for research and educational purposes only.  All other reproductions and use require permission. 





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