Welcome to the UBCIC Digital Collections website.

This page is intended to give some background on the project, help community researchers navigate our website, and help new researchers begin their search. The page provides some basic information about First Nations lands and research tools for land-based research. Good luck and have fun!

General Information
If you are looking for some basic background on the development of reserves in British Columbia or on the work and impacts of the McKenna McBride Royal Commission, check out the narratives on this site or click here. For the response of First Nations to the Commission and cut-offs, read copies of some of the primary documents on our 'resources' page here. These include selections from the UBCIC newsletter, publications and selections from the petitions of the Allied Tribes, including many statements of the assertion of Title.

Watch, listen, and learn what community members have been saying about the issues. Audio and video clips are provided throughout the 'Culture', 'Background', and 'Impacts' narratives, be sure to check these out before you leave the site!

Using the McKenna McBride Testimonies Database
In our collection, there is a database of the testimonies given to the McKenna McBride Royal Commission. Click here to jump straight to the database. They are all searchable if you are looking for something specific, but for the moment only six Agencies have been indexed and are browseable.

You can browse for different place names in the testimonies or search for discussion on the area you're researching. There are many testimonies about land use, concerns and interests in larger land areas. There are testimonies from Chiefs and elders as well as Indian Agents and settlers.

If you're doing genealogical research, you could try to browse or search for family members who may have given testimony.

Research Tools
If you are just starting out in researching your land there are a couple of publications and resources that the UBCIC has produced that can help you out. For a list and links to digital copies, please go to www.ubcic.bc.ca/Resources. We are in the process of developing new tools, so it’s worth checking back!

There are some maps and photos in this digital collection that might interest you. Click here for a gallery of maps and photos arranged by Agency. Note: the Agency arrangement corresponds to the McKenna McBride Commission's period. If you don't know your Agency, we do have a map on our testimonies page.

To get beyond UBCIC site, we have provided a bibliography of useful records that may help your research. There is a lot more information held at various locations including the UBCIC Resource Centre, the British Columbia Archives, and the Library and Archives of Canada. You can search for archival records in several BC archives in the British Columbia Archival Union List. You can surf sites and most libraries now have catalogues online. To go beyond your computer, start at your local library. A librarian should be able to help you get the resources that you need. The librarians are there to help you!

If you want copies of something on this site (photos or maps) for your own research, you will have to contact the archive where it is held. The image or record should indicate its origin if it is not held at the UBCIC Resource Centre. To contact the archives, select the archive:

UBCIC Resource Centre
British Columbia Archives
Library and Archives Canada




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