The interactive essays on this website provide narratives of the processes that have led to the present state of land issues in British Columbia.  Images, audio, and video clips accompany and support the statements expressed in each essay.  If you scroll your mouse pointer over the highlighted words in each essay a text box will appear containing the definition of the highlighted word.

Our Culture Lives in the Land

At the very core of this project is the knowledge that Indigenous people maintain a connection to the land, as it is inherent to the culture, identity, history and spirituality. This narrative bridges the gap between the historical and contemporary meaning of 'Our Culture Lives in the Land'. 



Background to the McKenna McBride Royal Commission


The Background narrative offers a brief history of colonial power and influences on land policy and practices in British Columbia. Aboriginal Title and Rights,the history of the McKenna McBride Agreement, and Cut-off Lands, are just a few of the topics discussed in this essay.  


Impacts of the McKenna McBride Commission


The Impacts essay presents a description and analysis of the effects of the Commission and how the decisions, policies, and laws that were made as a result of the Commission continue to impact communities today.




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