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Documents Specific to Cut-Off Lands

Acosta, Kathleen. "Eight B.C. Indian Bands Sue Federal Government for Return of Lands."  Indian World. Vol.12, No.1 Vancouver: Union of British Columbia. 1980.  p.1.

Canada Gazette Part III.  Statutes of Canada, 1983-84 Chapter Two.  Volume 7, No.1. Ottawa: Queens Printer for Canada. 1984.
["An Act to provide for the settlement of claims by Indian bands in British Columbia relating to certain lands cut off from their reserves"] (Canada Gazette, 1984)

Canada. Privy Council Office.  Royal Commission of Indian Affairs for B.C. : reductions and cut-offs of reserves by agency.  [place of publication unknown] : [publisher unknown]. 1916. 

McFarland, Dana.  Indian Reserve Cut-Offs in British Columbia, 1912-1924: An Examination of Federal-Provincial Negotiations and Consultation with Indians.  UBC Masters Thesis (MA History), Vancouver: [UBC Press?].  1990.  110p

Ware, Reuben. The Lands We Lost: An History of the Cut-Off Lands and Land Loses From Indian Reserves in British Columbia.  Vancouver: Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs. 1974.




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