Technical Information

Technical Information

The scanning of the agency testimonies was performed in house by UBCIC summer staff.  They were scanned at 300 dpi and saved as .tiff files.

Optical Character Recognition and Transcription
The UBCIC project team chose to perform OCR on the agency testimony images to allow for full-text searching and thus optimize the database for online access. OCR was performed by UBCIC summer staff using OmniPage Pro 14 software.  The digitized text of the agency testimonies were then saved in word format and further edited to ensure the digitized text closely matched that of the original transcriptions.  Materials that could not be processed through OCR software such as published articles, books, and some of the newspaper clippings have were saved as image only .pdf files and thus are not full-text searchable.

Database Creation
The Our Homes are Bleeding digital collection of searchable Agency Testimonies is made available on line by the open source digital library software, Greenstone.

Web Design
Design of the Our Homes are Bleeding site was made possible with the assistance of Brad Hornick.  Implementation of the web site design was powered by Marqui.




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